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I am a very proud born and bred Scot of a long Scottish ancestry.
I have done everything from shepherding to legal accountancy and am now employed as a Tour-guide/Mini-coach driver. I work for Rabbies; a multi-Award winning Tour Company who specialise in small group tours, taking tourists from all over the world on anything from one-day tours to three-week long holidays. They have an extensive itinerary of set-tours and also offer bespoke/private hires, which are my speciality. Look out for me as I travel around Scotland, with my 'Hairy Coo' mascot in front on my dashboard:)

I love showing visitors the wealth of what Scotland has to offer. This often means getting them off the beaten track, away from the busy towns and cities; giving them a sense of what Scotland is really all about…her diverse landscapes, her history, her people, her colours, her moods..the wee hidden gems.

I consider myself extremely lucky in that I get to follow my hobby of photography with my passion for Scotland everyday. When not working, I will seek opportunities to go off in the car looking for places to photograph that I don't get the chance to stop and capture whilst in tour-mode.

I had a little Instamatic camera as a kid and spent all of my pocket-money on film. The results were not great, I was not great and so photography and I parted ways for a number of years. However the seed had been sown and a couple of years ago I rediscovered the hobby through my work and watching passengers happily click away. I now own a Canon Digital Camera and am still learning and perfecting my craft. My passion is for landscape photography. Scotland can be challenging to photograph at the best of times: she is renowned for her very changeable weather..and Yes we can get all four seasons in one day, at anytime of the year! This just adds to the atmosphere, the ever changing light and those magical moments that keeps my heart firmly rooted in this amazing country I call home.

Some Random facts:
I still check that sheep are ok and have done the odd 'emergency stop' to rescue a couped ewe.
I've shorn a couple of sheep in front of my amused and bewildered passengers.
I can drive and operate tractors, combine harvesters, mobile libraries and 7.5 ton trucks.
I used to be a professional chauffeuse and as a result I drove the Prime Minister of Denmark throughout the 1992 Edinburgh EEC Summit.
I used to own two 1100cc Italian Moto Guzzi motorcycles.
I have traced my genealogy back to the early 1600s.
I played basketball for M.I.M.Scottish Ladies Team.(Murray International Metals).
I can make a hearty bowl of soup, a mean steak pie and delicious shortbread.